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Once you have planned of availing our 5 star Umrah packages, you would be given a guideline to follow and a few tips. These would help you not only to be safe but also add pleasure to your trip. When you leave your home for paying homage to the holy places you should be well aware of all the details of the place. Every travel agency does not help their clients with all the guidelines, but Cheap Umrah Packages makes sure of facilitating its customers. Some of the things that are needed to be done for the trip are mentioned below:

Before leaving the house, make sure of keeping the passport and tickets with you. A photocopy of your identity card, ticket and passport should be kept with you in case you ever lose it. When you land at the airport your leader would take your passports so that he can manage all the necessary arrangements. This is only in case you are going in a group otherwise you would have to keep them safely.

When you take cheap umrah packages from London you would have to travel to a city that would be totally new to you. So you must keep your mobile phones with you and have roaming service activated otherwise you would have to get a new sim to stay in touch your family members back home. Apart from that it would be helpful to get instant help if you land up in some sort of unforeseen circumstances.

Things to take along:

Islamic books:
when you are traveling you must make sure of taking along with you books that would help you understand the rituals of umrah. Keep Quran with you so that you do not have to look around when you reach the holy places.

Waist pouch:
it's not easy to carry money in your hands or handbag. The easiest way of keeping money or things of immediate need is that they should take along a waist pouch. It can be carried anywhere and things would be safe too.

We will inform you about the weather conditions in Saudi Arabia, so that when you start packing for your umrah Ramadan packages 2020 bags can be packed accordingly. This has to be done in a very proper way otherwise you may have trouble with clothing. Keep atleast 2 Ahrams with you in case you need to change. The holy cities rarely have winter season but if there is a wave cool temperature then you should keep some light woolen clothes. Don't forget to keep 2 pair of slippers, in case one is broken.

make sure keep your tooth brush, tooth paste, moisturizer, bath soap, shampoo, comb, nail cutter, disinfectants, deodorant and other personal use items.

We make sure of giving our customers the best offers and information on the packages they choose. With 5 star umrah packages you would not only have a comfortable journey but also live in the most relaxed environment.
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