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Before leaving for Umrah you must have understood some fundamental points concerning the Umrah travel. Well, that's not all; next significant thing to know about Umrah and the duas and how to go on with the additional preparations before leaving the home.

Though Umrah is not obligatory like Hajj, it might be less demanding but it is yet encouraged. Considering the boiling heat of city Makkah, it does get difficult to embark on this sacred journey. Along with a pure and clean heart intention, good health is extremely necessary to conduct Umrah with peace. With a best deal for October Umrah packages 2023, you need not be anxious about the rules and the order of the rituals as you will be provided with the essential materials and dua booklets.

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According to the teachings of Islam, reason of executing Umrah is to finish the tawaaf (circumambulation) of Holy Kaaba, and completing 7 rounds of hills Safa and Marwah. Muslims go through a range of customs to experience the Sunnah during Umrah. While executing Umrah Muslims make seven rounds of Holy Kaaba, this act is well-known as Tawaaf. Male Muslims are urged to perform first 3 tawaaf of Umrah in fast pace whereas remaining 4 in normal speed.

Umrah ritual is not done without the swift walk of the performing person between the slopes of Safa hill and Marwa hill. This ritual is performed 7 times. It is performed in the memory of Bibi Hajra when She was running between those hills to look for the water for her thirsty infant baby Hazrat Ismaeel (AS). ALLAH Almighty showed the miracle and where the crying baby Hazrat Ismail (AS) was hitting the ground with his feet, Zamzam water sprouted up. After finishing this ritual of Umrah, hair cutting (for men) or trimming (women) is performed.

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