Makkah Hotel Booking

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There are a number of places that you wish to visit in Makkah. One should make sure of getting all the details about the places in advance. We have designed our process a lot easier for our clients by putting up the details of all the important places that need to be visited. All what you need to do is get an affordable umrah packages including flights and then you can head directly to Makkah to execute all the religious duties.

Arafat ( Makkah ) : Mount Arafat have a significance in Makkah as our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) delivered his last sermon. Pilgrims request for mercy to Allah after spending whole day there.

Muzdhalifah( Makkah ) : At Muzdhalifah, pilgrims collect pebbles to throw at devil and also spend a night under open sky to ask for showers of blessings to Allah.

Mina ( Makkah ) : Mina is acknowledged as the place where the pilgrims would set off the pebbles at the devil who said to have come to put Hazrat Ibrahim off track when he was fulfilling command of Allah.

Jabal e rahmat( Makkah ) : It is also known as Mount of Forgiveness where pilgrims ask for the forgiveness of Allah.

Cave Hira( Makkah ) : It is well-known for being the spot where Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has acknowledged his first revelations from Allah (God) through the seraph Jibrail, also known as the angel Gabriel to Christians.

Cave Thawr( Makkah ) : The Mountain is famous for covering a cave known as Ghar al-Thawr in which Muhammad (SAW) and Abu Bakr obscured from their persecutors, the BanuQuraish, for the duration of the migration to Medina. The cave is at a halt visited by a very short number of the pilgrims while scrutinizing the Hajj.

Jannatulmuallah( Makkah ) : JannatulMualla is a well-known burial ground to be found in Makkah, Saudi Arabia some distance away from Ka'bah to the Southeast. Muslims go there to offer their prayers and see the graves of the Prophet's family.

You can choose our best umrah packages to pay a visit to all these places without any hassle.