Instructions For The Soulful Umrah Journey

If you want to see the most united people in the world then you must have to see the people in the house of Allah Almighty. They all consider themselves the servants of Allah (SWT) and they do not remember their status because they all are united for the same purpose. A journey to Umrah can be more comfortable if people follow some instructions. A person can never forget the experience he or she got from Umrah journey because this journey belongs to the holy land. People should be quite organized for Umrah tour.

  1. Make sure that you have contacted the trusted travel agent for Umrah visa. Try to fill the application form accurately and provide all relavant information.
  2. Do not forget to sign the application form after reading the full instructions and requirements.
  3. Heavy luggage will be a problem for you so carry less and vital things only.
  4. Make sure that you know all the procedure of Umrah. If you do not know then get the knowledge of it.
  5. Dry fruits in your luggage will be good for you so add them in your packing list.
  6. More clothes are not necessary so carry few and suitable ones according to the weather of Saudi Arabia.
  7. Hijab pins will be very helpful for females.
  8. We are suggesting you to take some extra pairs of socks and sleepers.
  9. Try to inform the group leader before going anywhere because it will be good for you.
  10. Place a copy of travel documents in your small bag.
  11. Try to offer tahajjud because those who pray in the late night hours are the lucky ones.
  12. Avoid the unnecessary use of mobile phone and choose a very simple ring tone for any call without any music.
  13. Try to learn something from this amazing experience and be alert and attentive there.
  14. Nail cutter, scissors, lip balm and prayer mat are necessary things for this journey.
  15. You should avoid the fight even if you did not wrong anything.
  16. I advise you to not waste your time in visiting the restaurants because you are not there for this purpose.
  17. Do not smoke there.
  18. Make a company of good people and try to meet people with good behavior.
  19. You should definitely go for ziyarat.
  20. Try to make good habits there and try to be determined for those habits.
  21. Offer every prayer on time and don’t ever be late for any prayer.
  22. Try your best to touch the holy stone but if it is very difficult then do not push the other pilgrims and delay it for later time.
  23. Avoid every bid’at and make sure that you are following the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).
  24. Take a rest for six to seven hours and the best way is sleeping after the prayer of Ishaa. It will make your routine perfect and it is good for your health also.

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