Cleanliness during Hajj and Umrah

Makkah 29

Personal hygiene, be complying with the following tips: Washing hands with soap and water, especially before and after eating, as well as after using the toilet or touching a sick person. Having a daily shower with warm water and soap (must be non-perfumed during Ihram) in order for your body to be clean Trimming nails […]

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What Changes Umrah Brings In Us?

madina 31

The feelings one get while preparation for the sacred journey to Makkah is completely unexplainable. A person goes through the phase of remembrance and worship as well as he will be full of excitement, keen and anticipation. This experience and feeling is unique and out of this world as this sacred pilgrimage creates a sense in […]

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First Saudi Female Ferrari Driver

Aseel Al-Hamad, the first Saudi girl board member at the Saudi Arabia motor federation and the first Saudi girl to very own a Ferrari, turned into a special visitor at the Italian way of life centre’s event on Feb. 27 referred to as “Saudi women Can force.” Diplomatic visitors covered Vincenzo Amendola, undersecretary of nation […]

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Advices Regarding Umrah and Packages for Birmingham

Umrah Advices

Advice And Recommendations Regarding Umrah In this article we are going to share you few recommendations and suggestions that will help you in performing umrah. While in city Makkah and Madina, spend as much time as possible in doing Worship (Ibadaat). Every act of worship (ibadah) and good deeds including giving charity, helping others etc, […]

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Zakat is a beautiful concept and that is one of the five pillars of Islam. In terms of meaning, the word Zakat is derived from Arabic word ‘Zakah’ which means “purification” and “growth”. However, if anyone look for the actual definition of Zakat in light of Islamic teachings then it is defined as an obligatory […]

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Since the beginning of the world and human history, worship has played a great and central role in human lives. Devotion to a higher being continues to link strongly all humanity together despite of any differences in customs. However, the concept of worship in religion Islam is completing surrender according to the will of ALLAH […]

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Gender Equality The content of Holy Quran depicts the context of religion Islam and its teachings. The role of Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) is explaining and defining the meaning of Quranic text. We get to know from both of these sources that ALLAH Almighty has created men and women so that they get tranquillity, bliss, […]

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It must be well known that the pilgrims who are going for the holy journey to perform Umrah and Hajj are guests of ALLAH Almighty, handing over who have moved toward to Him. ALLAH Almighty has not motivated them with the exemption of those who are kind and honest during offering the sacred obligations.  The best gift […]

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