Hajj And Islam


Islam is the most perfect and best religion in the world. What can be said more about its importance and within when it is the religion of the Almighty who has created the universe and made this religion for us? It gives us a complete code of conduct and this how we can figure out how important this religion is for Muslims and also how much important the preaching of this religion is. This religion is full of sacred and enlightening creeds and beliefs and its whole structure is also based on some pillars. Hajj is one of such pillars and it has a lot of messages in it and the lessons to follow.


Hajj being the fifth pillar has got so much importance in Islam. It’s a reminder about the outstanding and the memorable history of Hajj from the time of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). If we think of it as not so much important then it would not be among the pillars of Islam. In addition to it, it is the pilgrimage that is obligatory. It is obligatory for the Muslims who are financially and physically able to do it. To make it easier, Allah has made it obligatory to perform once in a lifetime of a Muslim. It is given to us by Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) gave this message of enlightenment to us.

Objective Behind It

The objective behind this sacred pilgrimage is just phenomenal. It is something that gathers Muslims from all around the world in one place. They are from all the regions of the world and they are from all the races. This is the biggest gathering of the world that can be seen once in a year and in the form of Sunnah, it is Umrah which gives the same message. The unity and harmony of this event cannot be found anywhere in the world. All the people gather to bow to Allah and make special prayers. The most interesting thing for the non-believers is that all the rites and rituals are done in the same way by millions of Muslims.

Who Can Do It?

As it is mentioned before, the people who are financially able and can manage the cost of this journey can do it. In addition to it, physical and mental health is also necessary and is required for accomplishing this act. Too old or weak people may require the assistance of the others and in this way, they perform this act.

What Do We Get?

We get a lot of reward from Allah and we can make a lot of prayers and all of them are certainly going to be listened and answered by Almighty Allah if made wholeheartedly. This is how we are able to do atonement for sins. In addition to it, this life and life after death are blessed and we are able to reap all the advantages and bliss of both the worlds and this reward is really great. Hajj has great importance Muslims life, this is the wish of every Muslim to perform Hajj. Hajj is the obligatory worship in Islam and if you want to perform Hajj Obligations than book your Shifting & Non-Shifting Hajj Packages from UK.

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