Importance Of Namaz In Muslim Society


Prayer is the preferred means of connecting & strengthening a relation with Allah. Namaz or Salat considered the vital and comprehensive agreement of love in Islam, which helps us to get success in this life & hereafter. Salat (prayer) is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is a compulsory act to perform prayers five times in a day. The significance of the Namaz can be judged by the sense that it distinguishes between the Muslims & Non-Muslims.  The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) got the gift of Namaz after Miraj and from the first day, it is considered the best act of worship, which we learned from the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).

Importance Of Namaz

To perform the prayers at the right times and complete all actions in the best way is the perfect testimony of faith and will get the guarantee of forgiveness from Allah. Muslims believe that they are accountable before Allah for their habit of praying, if it is perfect, then the rest of their deeds will be sound. But if it is not good, then the rest of their actions will be bad. So as our body needs water & food, our soul has spiritual requirements which can be fulfilled by the act of worship that is the habit of prayers. Actually, the success of a Muslim lies in the prayer that keeps them successful in this world and in the afterworld. However, Allah strongly emphasized Namaz and explained its importance many times in the Quran.

A Pillar Of Islam

Prayer is the second and foremost pillar of Islam that is based on the regular essential action of the Muslim’s life. Prayer is the one act of worship that is necessary to fulfill five times a day in any circumstance.

Directing To Taqwa

All Muslims want to get the piousness & righteousness that is the prime objective of their life. For this purpose, prayers play an amazing role as it promotes piety & Taqwa in the believers. All the directions, restrictions, right, freedom and education provided by Islam just have the objective to make a Muslim pious and set their life to the righteous path.

Stay Connected & Communicate With Allah

Though, prayer is the best way to connect & communicate with your Allah. However, Salat will help to achieve the goal of staying connected & communicated with Allah and make their relations strong with Allah. When Muslims stand for the prayer, they directly engage with Allah that keeps him away from evil deeds and they will definitely earn the love & pleasure of Allah. Through prayer, Muslims will find inner peace and they are able to communicate with Allah, which is a great source of hope, courage, strength, equality, unity, and acts of gratitude to Allah.

Purify Soul & Protect From Evil Deeds

There is no doubt that one who offers prayers five times a day and stands before Allah eagerly will be different from the one who doesn’t. Therefore, prayer will satisfy our spiritual needs and purifies the heart and the believers get spiritual devotion. It is fact that Satan is the worst enemy of a believer who tries to make people go astray from the righteous path, but the regular prayer will keep a Muslim protected from Satan or evil deed that is imperative to live a peaceful life.

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