The Benefit of Performing Hajj in Young Age

The Benefit of Performing Hajj in Young Age

It has been stated that:

Ayat 4

From a young age, there are so many men and women who do dream about attending the Hajj and catch the beauty of Ka`bah in person, the Station of Ibrahim, as well as drink ZamZam, perform tawaaf and wear the white garments of Hajj, and be with brothers and sisters from around the world as into the greatest international gathering in the history of humanity. It is somehow most of the times feel out of reach and far away. This is hence especially the case with the youth.

Let’s figure out with some of the main and important benefits of Hajj performance in the young age:

If The Door Is Open, It May Never Open Again

If the opportunity comes once and we ignore it, then you would never know when the next chance will be coming all over. It is said that: “You stayed not but a little – if only you had known,” (Qur’an, 23:114). Hence if the door for performing Hajj is finally open, then the person should jump at the chance to perform it. Ibn ` Umar, said, “When evening comes, do not expect (to live till) morning, and when morning comes, do not expect (to live till) evening. Take from your health (a preparation) for your illness, and from your life for your death.” (Bukhari)

Hasten Toward Hajj

Prophet Muhammad had told us to expedite the performance of Hajj. We are all told to make it get performed and not put it on the backburner or be lax concerning its performance, or even to put other things as a priority above it. It is all known out to be the major duty to be fulfilled for Allah as being one of the main pillars of the Islam.

Ayat 5

Hajj Decreases Poverty

Ayat 6

Therefore, it is much important that we do not let our worries stop us from going as if we have the means.

Ayat 7

The Supplication

Well, one of the most vital and yet the most prominent features of Hajj is a supplication to Allah. Plus the supplication of Hajj is answered insha’Allah, and the best supplication is that related with the Arafah during Hajj.

Hajj the obligatory fifth pillar of religion Islam and in order to perform Hajj, Muslims have to undertake the sacred journey to most sacred city in the whole world Makkah.  Performing Hajj is an obligation on every able Muslim to perform at least once in a life. Every adult, sane and able Muslims female or male should do effort to fulfil this religious obligation at least once in whole life span. To fulfil the dreams of performing Hajj pilgrimage we are offering great deals, now you can avail our Hajj Packages from UK in most affordable rates.

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