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Concept and Significance of Unity in Islam

Islam is a faith of peace and brotherhood. It is an obligatory upon all Muslims to war as one ummah, as every and each Muslims believes on Tawheed, worshipping one GOD that is best ALLAH. A united ummah can best be seemed whilst all of the Muslims round the arena can handiest be unite collectively […]

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Cleanliness during Hajj and Umrah

Personal hygiene, be complying with the following tips: Washing hands with soap and water, especially before and after eating, as well as after using the toilet or touching a sick person. Having a daily shower with warm water and soap (must be non-perfumed during Ihram) in order for your body to be clean Trimming nails […]

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What Changes Umrah Brings In Us?

The feelings one get while preparation for the sacred journey to Makkah is completely unexplainable. A person goes through the phase of remembrance and worship as well as he will be full of excitement, keen and anticipation. This experience and feeling is unique and out of this world as this sacred pilgrimage creates a sense in […]

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