Why Journey Of Umrah Is Important

Why Journey Of Umrah Is Important

Journeys of our daily lives are so different with the journey to holy land and we cannot compare any ordinary journey with a tour to holy land. Nowadays Muslims are busy in their routine and that’s why they are showing less interest in Islam. This is bitter but this is a fact and we should consider this fact very seriously. We have adopted the bad habit of waking up till late at night and so because of this habit we cannot offer prayer of FAJR and so we do not start our day in a good way. Busy routine and the excessive use of internet have bound us and Muslims are forgetting the Islamic teachings. I think visiting the house of Allah once in our life can change us and our way of thinking because the view and the feelings are totally different in the house of Allah Almighty. If I am not wrong then there is huge possibility that this experience changes our thought and the visit makes us realize the importance of Islamic teachings which we have forgotten.

A person automatically feels good and positive in the house of Allah and the most important thing is the realization of our sins and this realization is enough to make a Muslim a better person. Touching Hajra-e-Aswad or kissing Hajra-e-Aswad is really amazing. Due to the chance of Umrah all previous sins of a Muslim can be forgiven and the feeling that our previous sins have been forgiven can make us protective regarding next sins and we will try to do all good deeds. Muslims should be very thankful to Allah (SWT) for this important journey. Due to the countless benefits and blessings, this journey has a lot of importance in the lives of Muslims. Muslims should not make habits of useless activities and should try to spend their time in good deeds. Our youth is spending their time in cinemas and going away from Islamic teachings which is not right in any case and we should try our best to invite them towards namaz and Quran.

Youth think that doing Umrah in a very early age is not necessary and that’s why mostly youngsters do not prefer it and add Umrah in their plans for later age. But this sort of thinking is totally wrong and youngsters should try to go to Umrah because this journey will change their life and they will learn a lot from the experience of Umrah. Spending your time in Namaz and in reading Quran will be beneficial for you but spending time in cinemas can bring loss in your lives. People do not understand it and do not take it seriously but this is a reality and we cannot change it so we should do the acts which are good for us and should avoid wastage of time and money in cinemas and in other useless activities. Those who can afford this beautiful journey should definitely go to the house of Allah and should realize the true meaning of life.

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