The general view among masses is that youth is an age which must be spent in the chase of worldly success achievement. This is the motive why in our youth most of the people give small significance to religion and spend utmost time enduring to make their mark and attain their worldly desires and objectives. A contrasting behaviour is seen when a person grows old. When early life passes away, people start realizing the significance of this world and the pursuits they had made in their major time. They come to the basic conclusion that all these worldly objectives are passing and temporary and the achievement of one leads to one more triggering a never-ending chain. Therefore, the ending of their life haunts them and they turn towards religion to search solace and peace.

In Islam there is huge reward for whatever excellent a person does in his or her youth. Concerning to the different religious rites and rituals and obligations that a Muslim can perform in youth, Hajj is perhaps the significant one. People generally have the objective of performing Hajj set for their later on age without realizing the reality that it gives a superior exponential reward if undertaken in the main age of youth. The lines below talk about why Muslims must consider performing Hajj when they are energetic and young.

As humans it is in our nature and personality that we usually forget the transient nature of this life and plan for a long life. In this preparation of long life, we tend to keep the worldly desires and things at the high priority level and keep religious and spiritual rituals for the end part. Most of the Muslims leave Hajj at the end of their life plan with the view that they will do Hajj when they have completely free time. What Muslims do not realize is the reality that life is too short and not any one guarantee if he or she will live to see another day. Even those who spend a long life still find it too short at the last. Regarding this Holy Quran says in verse 23:114;

You stayed not but little – if only you had known.”

If one assumes that one has a sure specific duration of life and out of this declaration he or she sets a time for performing Hajj, even then there is the deadly flaw that life does not move as planned. There are times when things run according to the plan; however, the times when it doesn’t follow the plan are far greater. Hence, the logical explanation to this problem is to perform Hajj as soon as one finds time.

The untrustworthiness of planning in a life that is as dynamic as something can get. In a life postponing Hajj for the afterwards years is simply an act of ignorance particularly when one has the means.

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