What Changes Umrah Brings In Us?

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The feelings one get while preparation for the sacred journey to Makkah is completely unexplainable. A person goes through the phase of remembrance and worship as well as he will be full of excitement, keen and anticipation. This experience and feeling is unique and out of this world as this sacred pilgrimage creates a sense in a person that a great change is going to happen in his or her life and this feeling is something which can not be found travelling anywhere else in this world. People before leaving for Makkah start imagining the glorious Holy Kaaba and consider blessed that they are going to see Holy Kaaba with their own eyes.

Getting prepare for performing Umrah is the spiritual experience which is out of this world and this feeling and excitement of person became stronger when time grew closer. If you travelling to Makkah for performing Umrah for the very first time then it is better to take advise from the friends and the family members who have already performed Umrah, their experience and advices will help you in learning more about this sacred voyage.

For the fulfilment of Umrah there are many conditions in which one is to wear Ihram, Ihram is the clothing of Umrah which is necessary to wear before crossing the boundaries of Makkah, which is known as meeqat and there are five meeqats for wearing Ihram. Without wearing Ihram no one can enter in makkah. You need to bring the Ihram, Ihram is consisting of two unstitched sheets which Is preferably of white colour and this is only wear by men and women can wear their casual clothing which completely covers their whole body and not any part will be showing (just hand and face are advised to show), it is advisable to wear abaya on casual garments.

A person who is leaving to Makkah for performing Umrah will seek to get maximum blessings of ALLAH Almighty and wish to visit all the historical sites which have great religious importance in religion Islam.

This experience of going to Umrah is merely exceptional and it can not be described in words. This sacred journey has its own charm and attraction like no other and hence the moment when a person approaches to depart, he or she will get the outstanding feeling of reaching a new level, stage and entering in new phase of your life. This experience of performing umrah is absolutely different as it is the sacred voyage to Holy Kaaba, The House of ALLAH Almighty. If you relate this sacred journey with other trips you may realize that all other trips just fulfil worldly desire or need, whereas this sacred journey brings great changes to our souls and changes our personality makes us pious, brings us closer to ALLAH Almighty, hence our soul reaches the high level of spiritual consciousness.

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