Umrah and Teenagers – A Specific Conversation Method of Performing Umrah

Umrah and Teenagers – A Specific Conversation Method of Performing Umrah

A trip to the blessed lands of Mecca and Medina is a very great blessing. Only one opportunity to look at the Kaaba is more valuable than all the money spent on a trip. What then to say about the opportunity to make a detour around the Kaaba and run between the hills of Safa and Marv, kiss the Black Stone, perform prayer at Ibrahim’s place (peace be upon him) and drink Zamzam.

  • Due to Mecca and the Kaaba

This trip is undoubtedly a great blessing, but at the same time, it requires an extremely careful attitude. If the etiquette of sacred sites is not observed, a person cannot return with great blessings and rewards. In this regard, it is reported that Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

It is worse for me to commit one sin in Mecca than for committing 70 sins beyond its borders.

  • Unauthorized actions

Therefore, it is vital to observe the etiquette of the blessed places and avoid all sins. A person will be able to behave correctly only if he is aware of the value of this place in advance. It is tragic that during the Hajj and the Umrah, indescribable, disgusting incidents were taking place with visiting pilgrims.

Some Important Tips for Teenagers:

Many teenagers (and even adults) were engaged in unauthorized actions, being in the dying! Hotel halls, elevators, bazaars have become a place of secret “love” meetings. Therefore, in order for Umrah that truly becomes a means of spiritual cleansing, and not a journey to commit sins, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Read the etiquette of those places that you have to visit, also you can find out about it by contacting imams or relevant literature;
  2. Do not allow children, especially young daughters, to go to the markets without you, even for a short time and even for urgent needs;
  3. Strictly avoid mixing men with other women; disregard for the laws of relations with strangers of the opposite sex resulted in a large amount of suffering for many people;
  4. Make a plan of worship and stick to it, so as not to waste time;
  5. Be constantly informed about the actions of your children;
  6. Find righteous comrades to thereby receive incentives to spend time in righteous deeds;
  7. The most important thing: make a die a turning point in your life, so that you will return, becoming better than before, renouncing all sins and firmly rooted in religion.

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