Umrah is a way of worshipping ALLAH Almighty by making Tawaaf (circumambulation) of the Holy Kaaba and Saaee between the Mount Safa and Marwa and shaving or cutting Hairs.

Umrah is known to be the ‘lesser or minor Hajj’ and is an act of Sunnah that is performed at any time throught the whole year except for the 5 days of Hajj, in which it is makrooh, or not liked, to perform Umrah. As is the case for Hajj, there are several people who perform Umrah and it will be accepted from them by ALLAH Almighty, but there are other peoples, who do not only perform Umrah as a job and leave, but they also end this enormous opportunity to get a lot of return and reward from ALLAH Almighty and have their sins forgiven. A person who steps out in the way of performing Umrah is considered a pilgrim until he reaches back to home.

Umrah is not something that is performed only once, but rather a person must struggle to perform Umrah numerous times in their lives if he or she able to afford physically and financially. Unluckily, now-a-days, people go for Umrah without even knowing the enormous blessings and virtues actions that a person performs on this sacred journey. It is extremely important and critical that a person who aims to perform Umrah learn the basics of this act of ibadah (worship) including the obligatory and mandatory actions and what makes Umrah worthless and what must be done in case there is a possibility to compensate for mistakes.


Umrah Obligations:

  1. Wearing Ihraam at the Miqaat.
  2. Shaving (for males) or Cutting the Hair (for females).

Note: If a person leaves an obligation a Fidiyah or Compensation is needed by sacrificing in Holy Makkah.

Conditions for Umrah

  1. Islam
  2. Sanity
  3. Freedom
  4. Puberty
  5. Capability (Financially and Physically)
  6. Mahram companion for Women.

Pillars of performing Umrah:

  1. Ihraam (Intention or niyyat to enter in the state of Umrah).
  2. Tawaaf (circumambulation).
  3. Saaee.


Ihram is the niyyat to perform either Umrah or Hajj ‘, or to make niyyat of performing both. (In this condition some lawful things become prohibited to do)

Men Clothes of Ihram:

Two towels sheets (Preferably white coloured), one is wrapped around the lower part of the body and the other one around the upper part of the body and to wear flip flop Sandals.

Note: IDHTIBA’A (uncover or display the Right shoulder is just done during Tawaaf).

Women clothes for ihraam:

Women can wear their formal dresses that cover her whole body except of hand and face.

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