Importance of Zamzam Water in the Eye of Islam

Importance of Zamzam Water in the Eye of Islam

As it is known, Prophet Ibrahim (R.A) had left his child on the ground with his validity near Beytullah. Hazrat Ibrahim’s wife found the ZamZam water with the help of Gabriel (AS) while he was going to go to find food for themselves between Safa and Marwa hills.

ZamZam water is a holy water for Muslims and it is drunk and taken away by the people coming to Mecca for the pilgrim of Hajj or Umrah.

We can learn from the hadiths of our Prophet (PBUH) said, ” ZamZam water is beneficial according to what is drunk for it. Allah will heal you with the intention of healing. If Allah will satisfy you with your desire to get hungry, and Allah will deliver you thirst, He will save your thirst.”

It is known that some of those who came to the house of Allah, the Kaaba, had been drinking only ZamZam and living in Haram Sharif for some days.

 World Health Organization Research about Zamzam:

According to reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), ZamZam is one of the healthiest waters in the world.

  • Zamzam has fluoride properties that eliminate water, germs, and bacteria.
  • It has high calcium quality, magnesium, and other beneficial minerals.
  • The proportion of these minerals is higher than other waters.
  • In terms of chemistry, it has many different contents than other water sources.
  • ZamZam will drink blessed and sacred water for everyone.

Every Muslim who visits the Khana Kaba will go to Beytullah after the peace he has done and drinks with the intention of getting rid of thirst from drinking ZamZam water, getting hungry or healing.

ZamZam water is medically beneficial for everyone. It is possible to get rid of many diseases by drinking Zamzam water. Studies have shown that headaches are good for the liver, stomach ulcer, and kidney disorders. Also, ZamZam water is beneficial for children, women as well as men.

   The Benefits Of Zamzam Water Are:

  • As a sacred drink,
  • Thirst quenching,
  • Being satisfactory,
  • Being healing,
  • Increasing milk in the mothers,
  • Being a source of relief.

Of course, the benefits of ZamZam water are not only secular, also benefits are toward the spiritual life of Muslims.

When ZamZam drinks regularly, the veil decreases and the devil starts to hesitate. In some sources, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “The sign between us and the hypocrites is that our ZamZam is abundantly empty; because they can never drink Zamzam abundantly ”

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