Initation in Islam

Since the beginning of the world and human history, worship has played a great and central role in human lives. Devotion to a higher being continues to link strongly all humanity together despite of any differences in customs. However, the concept of worship in religion Islam is completing surrender according to the will of ALLAH Almighty and with full devotion, intention and sincerity performs acts of worship as well as common daily tasks. The religion Islam encourages between our spiritual and worldly life endeavors, while it also clearly explaining core and proper rites that every Muslim should perform to worship ALLAH Almighty.

Certain criteria determine that an act by person can be considered worship. For instance, religion Islam teaches that the merit of every action by person depends on the pure intention. Muslims believe that ALLAH Almighty known about everyone’s heart and looks at people’s intention. For an action to be regarded as an act of worship, it must be done with the pure heart intention of pleasing ALLAH Almighty. Therefore, the concept of worship in religion Islam strongly encourages people to connect with ALLAH Almighty in each and every action they do, strengthening their link and bond with the ALLAH.

By doing so, a Muslim gains a sense of real and true peace that comes with carrying out the actual purpose in life. In order to guide humans towards His worship and direct them to righteousness and to truly and visibly differentiate between good and evil, ALLAH Almighty sent many prophets on different nations as teachers and role models. ALLAH Almighty also revealed Holy Scriptures which provide us guidance and knowledge directly from ALLAH Almighty and serve as example for better and virtuous living.

The combination of all prophetic examples and divine religious books reinforces our moral inclinations and provide us with the clear information to differentiate between wrong and right. They also equip us with the concept which enables us to judge our own motives and deeds. Above all, they teach the actual purpose of human existence on earth us, worship ALLAH Almighty and how to worship Him and to lead a life on this earth that pleases Him.

In addition to cleanse and purifying one’s intention, a Muslim’s deeds and acts must also be consistent with divine religious guidance. There is intuitive moral sense in every person; people do not always behave and act in a just and ethical manner. In fact, our sense and ability to judge between wrong and right can often be muddled by negativities and external influences, ulterior motives and outward appearances.The guidance of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), whose teachings have been preserved miraculously, form the basis of worship in religion Islam. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheapest Umrah Packages from London UK.

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