Most of the Muslims incorrectly believe that only by learning and keeping reciting the Holy Quran, they can complete their religious duties and responsibilities. The basic theme and essence of The Holy Quran is embedded in recognizing and following upon its Ayats (verses) in a suitable manner. How can a person complete its imaan (faith) by just believing in teachings and Islamic lessons, but using them in the bad and wrong manner? It means that a person has not entirely interpreted the meaning of wordings of Holy Quran, e.g. those Muslims who are joining so called Islamic army and forces like Talibans etc. in the name of Jihaad, and who really kill innocents and acting and behaving as tyrants, that only shows that they do not have a complete information of Islam.

Now, talking about Holy Quran, and about its life changing Ayats (verses), common faith is that the a person who learns Holy Quran by heart will enter Jannah (paradise) along with its parents, whereas the exact meaning of it this Hadith is that the Hafiz (learner) of Holy Quran must act upon its teachings and lessons. ALLAH Almighty has blessed Muslims with golden and precious pearls in the form of verses or ayats of Holy Quran, so that we could get guidance and enlightenment from them, and change our lives according to Islamic lessons and teaching in the best way. Following are some of the messages and lessons of the Holy Quran, through which we can seek understanding and wisdom.

  • Avoiding unclear issues or matters

“A little knowledge or information is hazardous” is a famous expression that compels a person not to involve in acts and things which it has insufficient knowledge and understanding of, because sooner or later, the circumstance would turn dangerous and difficult for that person. Islam also strict forbids Muslims from such issues and matters that are not clear to us. The Gracious ALLAH Almighty has warned us about this matter in the ayat (verse) 17:36 of Holy Quran

“And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned.”
This is what we should keep in mind before discussing about issues in our Deen (Islam), before completely understanding about them. On a universal note, we ought to also avoid going towards uncertain affairs like Gambling that is completely prohibited in Islam.

  • Reflecting on one’s presence

The non Muslims, particularly, Atheists, who even proudly deny the existence of ALLAH Almighty, they do not imagine about how we come in to this life. ALLAH Almighty clearly says in Holy Quran, verse 20:55

“From the earth, We created you, and into it We will return you, and from it, We will extract you another time.”

  • Praying for ALLAH’S reliable guidance

No matter how much knowledge and abilities one possesses, there comes a time when things start to get tougher, and then it looks for someone’s assist in this regard. Similar applies to Muslim’s life, which believes in ALLAH Almighty, but often gets unfocused by satanic thoughts. That is the motive why Holy Quran has repeatedly emphasized on seeking for The ALLAH Almighty supervision to remain on the right pathway. is one of the authorized Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Affordable Hajj Packages from UK

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