Cleanliness during Hajj and Umrah

Makkah 29

Personal hygiene, be complying with the following tips:

  • Washing hands with soap and water, especially before and after eating, as well as after using the toilet or touching a sick person.
  • Having a daily shower with warm water and soap (must be non-perfumed during Ihram) in order for your body to be clean
  • Trimming nails and cleaning ears.
  • Choose a proper place, away from street barbers!
  • Keep away from unauthorized and unclean barbers.
  • Brushing teeth after meals and before bedtime.
  • Using clean towels and napkins.
  • Avoiding bare-feet walking.
  • Avoiding the others’ tools (combs, clothes, towels … etc.)

House and Environment Cleanliness:

Only personal hygiene is not enough for a person to be clean so one should really take care of cleanliness of the house he lives in and the surrounding environment as well. This can be accomplished through:

  • Cleaning the bed every day.
  • Avoiding throwing garbage on the floor, streets or any places other than those assigned to garbage
  • Avoiding eating in bed.
  • Cleaning the personal tools used by the pilgrim at his residence.
  • Cleanliness of Food and Drink:

Food is the fuel of your body:

It is the secret of your survival, and the source of your power. To preserve the cleanliness of food and drink, consider the following tips:

  • Try to choose the food that is clean and well cooked, from a reliable vendor.
  • Cooking food thoroughly to kill germs.
  • Avoid using insecticide during preparing (or eating) your food.
  • Washing hands before and after eating.
  • Washing fruits and vegetables very well before eating.
  • In case of packaged foods, you have to ensure the expiry date.
  • Covering the dinnerware containing foods and vegetables, and avoiding exposing them to dust and insects, lest it should be contaminated with the effect that you might suffer from food poisoning.
  • Using clean plates and cooking pots.
  • Keep to buying well packaged foods and keep away from eating uncovered foods on the wholes, especially from street vendors.
  • Keep away from buying foods from street vendors, to evade the hazards of food poisoning. And it is necessary to eliminate the leftover food rather than storing it.
  • Avoiding eating meat, chicken, fish and eggs that are not fully blown, or those of an unknown source.
  • It is recommended to drink pasteurized milk, bottled mineral water, and packaged juices.
  • Keep foods covered in the fridge.
  • Storing dry foods (grains and legumes, etc.) in closed packages, to be stored in a dry place.
  • Using clean water for drinking and cooking, and in case you suspect the cleanliness of water, you have to boil it.

Avoiding Overcrowding:

One should avoid over crowded places as much as possible because Overcrowding is a fertile environment for disease transmission especially for elderly people.

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